Helen Street Footbridge and Park


May 2011: Working bee to beautify Helen Street FootbridgePark

August 2011: Working bee creates a new planting area on the west end of the footbridge with donated and Council-supplied materials

September 2011: SGBCA members, the SGB Sustainable Streets group, permaculturalist Donovan Adcock, and Graeme Williams, Council’s sustainability officer, created a community garden of citrus and native fruit trees on the eastern end of the footbridge. As the trees mature, they will provide welcome shade and edibles for our community!

November 2011:  Volunteers weed, plant, and mulch in the garden area near the new picnic table.

June 2011: Council workers install seating areas on the west end of the footbridge

The areas on both sides of the Helen Street Footbridge have been landscaped with the support of Council and the efforts of volunteer workers. Thanks also go to the generosity of local landscape architect James Nash, who created and donated the plans for the park at the western end of the footbridge.

Council staff enhanced the western park area with furniture purchased with funds from S94 contributions obtained through a grant application from SGBCA in October 2010. 

Residents have monthly working bees to mow and weed the park. SGBCA welcomes involvement of the community to help these newly-planted spaces to become established, attractive, and shady recreational areas.

The Helen Street Footbridge was officially opened in August 2010 after a 16-year effort by SGBCA to obtain approval and funding by Council. (The idea was first raised in a proposed Development Control Plan that SGBPA drafted in 1988 and sent to Council.)

Two people were instrumental in making the bridge a reality:  Maggie Brown never gave up on the dream of uniting the two halves of the village; engineer Tony Baggio provided the design and budget that were approved by Council. The community is grateful for the tenacity of these two individuals. Angela Dunlop pursued the dream by resolutely liaising with Council staff and other authorities to reach the final successful outcome.

Kathy Norley, Angela Dunlop, Tony Baggio, and Maggie Brown at the opening of the bridge on 10 Aug 2010

An integral link in the cycleway plan for SGB and North Ocean Shores, the bridge gets a regular workout from pedestrians and cyclists. We are a more physical, social, and vibrant community as a result!

Helen Street Footbridge Construction (Sep 2009 - Aug 2010)

In about June, 2009, the South Golden Beach community celebrates Council’s approval of the funding for the foot bridge Tony Baggio’s design made possible.